Setting a new standard for Brand Ambassadors.

The brief.

T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile know that every engagement with a consumer is a gift; a chance to win a new fan or win back a former subscriber. So when it comes to experiential marketing, the search began for an agency that could provide event staff that embodied the same energy, passion, and enthusiasm that their 30,000+ employees bring to work every day.

The idea.

When York & Chapel was brought on to handle national event staffing for both brands, we knew we needed to completely transform the way the nation’s leading wireless carrier used brand ambassadors in the field.

The execution.

Our experiential marketing team approached this as a “casting” exercise, rather than simply “hiring” event staff. By using a casting approach, we were able to right fit the event teams for each market. Consumers in El Paso, TX experience retail differently from those in Portland, OR, and the brand ambassadors they engage with should represent those consumers’ needs.

After the casting process was complete, each BA went through extensive brand training and testing. The end result was a national team that fully understood T-Mobile and Metro culture and was able to represent the brands in a way that truly resonated with consumers, driving an increase in both store traffic and sales conversion.

The results

4X Boost
National Conversion Rate

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