Meet Nicole.
Meet the Team

Meet Nicole.

Scott Isaac
Scott Isaac


Nicole, meet Y&C!

It’s always exciting welcoming a new member to the York & Chapel family. 

Usually, we post a little get-to-know-you session with our new colleague, but this time we decided to shake things up a little bit.

We asked our new teammate, Nicole Beckmann, to interview everyone on the team at Y&C (baptism by quick-fire questions you might say) to get a more complete Y&C experience. 

But before we hand the keypad over to Nicole I thought we’d ease her into things with a few starter questions.


Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I grew up in a small fishing village near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico which is only accessible by boat. My father is Mexican and my mother is Canadian so I would spend the school year in Mexico and the summers on Vancouver Island. My family decided to move permanently to British Columbia, where I attended boarding school for four years (yes, it was a lot like Hogwarts!). After I graduated in 2013, I took some time off to travel and work. I ended up spending six months working at a white water rafting company in Sri Lanka and Nepal, which needless to say, was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. In 2015 I moved to California to attend the University of San Diego and I graduated in 2020  with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. It was a big change to move to Vancouver (and the rain) after living near the beach in sunny California.


What brought you to Vancouver and then to the good folks at Y&C?

I moved to Vancouver in October 2020 because I, like so many others, struggled to find work after graduating during the pandemic. I was lucky to find a job in the film industry and ended up working on a few Hallmark Christmas movies. Do people even watch Hallmark Christmas movies? After working on the film sets, which seemed like an endless production with 15+ hour days, I was drained and motivated to find a more balanced work environment. I was so happy to find myself at Y&C and am excited to be in the new account coordinator position. 


I understand you grew up in Mexico. Can you tell us a bit about that? What are the things you miss the most? What’s your perfect Mexican Day? Should we eat the worm?

Growing up in Mexico was a dream. When I was a kid I would pick mangoes from the trees, ride horses to the nearby waterfall and swim in the ocean at night to see the Phosporences with my mom. I miss visiting the hidden beaches that only the locals know about and eating tacos from the street stands. My perfect day in Mexico would involve a boat trip to a secluded beach and finding some fresh ceviche and cold Coronas. Definitely a shot of tequila as well. You ask if you should eat the worm? Yes, live a little and eat the worm! It’s all protein anyways.

Ok, from your 15 or so interviews, what things really stood out? It could be anything; an anecdote, a special skill, something new you discovered.

During the first couple weeks of being on the Y&C team, I scheduled one-on-ones with about 15 of the members of the company. What stood out the most was how welcoming and friendly everyone is! The stereotype of the cold corporate hierarchy was not present and it was a pleasure to connect with the CEOs during my first week as well as get to know the Y&C vets. The open door/ horizontal organization approach made my transition into the company seamless and inviting. During my meet-and-greets, I asked for any advice for a newcomer and the majority of the answers were to ask questions and speak up when needed. This simple gesture goes a long way and I already feel like part of a team.


Did you notice any national identity differences between your US and Canadian Colleagues?

There wasn’t much of a national identity difference among the Canadian and American colleagues. Even the ones living outside of Canada were happy to meet with me. I get the sense that this camaraderie is what makes Y&C different from other companies. I also appreciate the diversity at the company and love hearing about everyone’s interesting backgrounds in this hot pot of creativity.


What’s your favorite piece of advertising? What does it mean to you?

Oh, that’s a tough question! There are endless amazing pieces of advertising that have left an impression on me. Whether it made me burst out laughing, let out an uncontrollable “AWW”, or one that kept me thinking about it for days, I believe outside the box thinking combined with strong messages is a recipe for a memorable piece of advertising.


What are you looking forward to the most at Y&C?

I am most excited about learning new skills and alternative ways of problem solving, all while bringing my diverse experiences and capabilities to the table. I can’t wait to work on an interesting variety of projects and with a wide range of clients. I am especially looking forward to working with such an incredible group of people.


And finally, what is the best way to make a good Guacamole?

Very important question! Guacamole needs to include the colours of the Mexican flag: green cilantro, white onion and red roma tomatoes. It also needs salt and a lot of lime. My secret ingredient is a dash of extra virgin olive oil to make it rich and creamy, but don’t tell anyone.


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