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York & Chapel is introducing Nexmo to US developers and decision makers. Acquired by Vonage in 2016, Nexmo is helping transform business communications in radical ways.

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You don’t know Nexmo but you will soon.

Nexmo is the Vonage API platform. Most likely you don’t know the name, but you most certainly can appreciate how Nexmo makes your life easier. When you schedule an Uber, when you book an Airbnb, when you book a flight on Expedia, there very well could be a Nexmo API at work behind the scenes.

Nexmo’s cloud-based API’s are the amazingly clever communication building blocks behind some of the world’s coolest brands. Nexmo is a global leader in the Communications Platform as a Service (“CPaaS”) segment of the Cloud Communications market. San Francisco-based Nexmo provides application program interfaces (“APIs”) for text messaging and voice communications, allowing developers and enterprises to embed contextual, programmable communications into mobile apps, websites and business systems — creating better customer engagement and integrated workflows.

Y&C’s job is to introduce US developers and business decision makers to overseas acclaimed Nexmo and its powerful capability with Vonage. Watch the video and you’ll learn how Nexmo is helping change the way fast growth start-ups and agile enterprises communicate.

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