Project: Flavortown Spiked featuring Guy Fieri
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Project: Flavortown Spiked featuring Guy Fieri

Sean Garrison
Account Manager


Introducing Flavortown Spiked, the new fruit drink from Two Roads Brewing.


New product launch

Connecticut-based Two Roads Brewing Co. approached Y&C for digital support on their latest collaboration—Flavortown Spiked, an exciting new spiked fruit drink featuring the legendary food icon (and favorite of many Y&C team members) Guy Fieri, Mayor of Flavortown.

The challenge? Create a digital presence with the same punch and flavor as the drink (and Guy Fieri himself) ahead of its mid-November release–plus a microsite and social animations in just a few weeks.

Flavortown Spiked Two Roads img5



The challenge

The pressure was on to create a microsite that would captivate the audience and be fully functional. The challenge was to find a way to present Two Roads Brewing’s latest creation to the world before the product hit the shelves.


Our solution

Given the tight timeline, our team focused on quality over quantity for pre-launch. We first created an engaging splash page to capture that early (but essential) pre-launch traffic. This meant that we had an early asset to put live—freeing us to focus on the bigger task of ensuring the design and build quality of the final microsite.


We delivered


Splash page

The splash page served as the precursor to the microsite. It offered a sneak peek into the world of Flavortown Spiked, building anticipation and excitement. By launching the splash page well in advance, Two Roads Brewing was able to build buzz and anticipation for the grand reveal.

Flavortown Spiked Two Roads img3




The cornerstone of the digital campaign, the microsite acts as the central hub for Flavortown Spiked. It taps into the iconic elements of the brand: bright colours, bold flavours, and the influence of Guy Fieri himself.

Flavortown Spiked Two Roads img2



Social media animations

To promote Flavortown Spiked on social, we crafted refreshing bursts of ice-cold content—ready to be shared and announce the arrival of the Mayor of Flavortown and the launch of his drink of choice.


Check out Flavortown Spiked here.

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