Daisy Wheel app makes breast awareness accessible to all

Daisy Wheel app makes breast awareness accessible to all


The Get In Touch Foundation is passionate about providing free and accessible information, empowering all to make breast health simple, appropriate, and routine. This March, the Get In Touch Foundation invited us to take their most iconic brand asset—the Daisy Wheel—and give it a digital reinvention.

The original Daisy Wheel was a resounding success—developed in 2004 with a team of medical professionals, it has reached over one million students in all 50 U.S. states and 34 countries. The paper wheel guides users through each step of conducting a breast self-exam. 


daisy wheel


Creating a new digital Daisy Wheel presented a huge opportunity to reach a wider audience with the same crucial health message. 

We tasked our in-house development team with the challenge of recreating the feel of the original Daisy Wheel while taking advantage of the new opportunities of creating an app. We added new, innovative functionality allowing users to sync their calendars to enable reminders for their breast self-exam..

The result is an app that is seamless, colorful, and delivers on the core premise of the Daisy Wheel—encouraging users to complete breast self-exams as part of their self-care routine. Integrated share buttons, reminder tools, and multiple languages empower the user to make this practice a part of their life.

Daisy app mockup

To learn more, visit the Get In Touch Foundation or view the app on the App Store.

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