A Sweet Surprise for First Responders

A Sweet Surprise for First Responders


The Holidays are almost here!

But for many of our first responders and front-line heroes, it’s going to be business as usual, keeping us all safe. So T-Mobile decided to pay them a “socially distanced” surprise visit for First Responders Day.

From October 27-30, our teams of Holiday-Hamper-Ambassadors fanned out across the Columbus area to visit local fire halls. Our teams greeted these hometown heroes with boxes of Columbus’ finest cookies, healthy snacks, and a branded T-Mobile bag.

The love and appreciation made the visits a huge hit.

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Here’s what some of the firefighters had to say:

“This is like Christmas–I mean really. I didn’t even know there was a day designated for us.”

“You got all of this for us? This is amazing!”

“It doesn’t get any warmer than that, does it?”

And while the teams didn’t get to every firefighter, they’re already cooking up plans for next year’s First Responders Day.

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