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5 reasons your business needs virtual tours

As social distancing measures become a regular part of life, a new challenge is facing businesses. How can companies take potential clients or customers on property tours and site visits in the age of social distancing?

If you’re in education, real estate, or the health sector, you know it’s not as simple as ordering a few extra bottles of hand sanitizer and calling it a day. As with so many new developments in the last few months, technology offers a solution: virtual tours.

Virtual tours help your customers completely immerse themselves in a space, making them feel welcome and much more engaged. Virtual tours have been used successfully as a conversion tool for overseas education programs and property buyers for years, as potential buyers and students explored potential campuses and homes.

Social distancing has pushed virtual tours definitively into the mainstream, and businesses are starting to see the potential. The technology makes it simple—taking your potential customers on a virtual tour of your business, campus or property can be as easy as tapping on a smartphone, or as immersive as a full 360° VR experience.

At York & Chapel, we understand how tours impact the entire business. They generate interest, help recruitment, and convert leads into customers. By switching to virtual tours, you can bring your space to life in the most convenient, cost-effective way.


So why are virtual tours the right decision for your business?


1. Virtual tours are socially distant

Social distancing is a priority for both businesses and consumers right now. By developing a virtual tour, you can meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and health guidelines without compromising quality or safety.


2. Virtual tours fit into your customer’s schedule

With conflicting schedules, last-minute cancellations, and rearranging appointments, in-person tours pose a major logistical challenge for any business, even more so in the current climate. Virtual tours allow prospective clients, customers or students around the country (or around the world) to experience your business or campus on their time, on a schedule that works for them.


3. Virtual tours are easy to produce

All you need is a camera. Granted, it’s a special kind of camera, but the process of creating a virtual tour is surprisingly simple. The final product can be as simple as a 360° guided video through your building, or an interactive, campus-wide experience led by the charismatic face of your company.


4. Virtual tours enhance your sales process

By creating a virtual tour accessible to any client, anywhere, you are enhancing your business’ sales process. Not only will your company save hundreds of hours on in-person tours, but you are also creating a new, compelling digital sales tool.


5. Virtual tours are interactive and engaging

Phones and laptops are fundamental to the way we consume information and content, whether it’s news, messages, or funny cat videos. Virtual tours may keep people at arm’s length, but they’re just as engaging. By creating a virtual tour, you’re meeting potential customers on their terms in a format they love.


Bring Your Business Directly to Your Customers

By offering virtual tours to your clients, you can get ahead of the competition and offer services that are rapidly becoming the new normal. Whether you’re in property, health, education or any sector that relies on in-person tours, we want to help you adapt to the current business climate and changing consumer behavior with dynamic, engaging virtual tours. 

At York & Chapel, we have produced engaging, dynamic 360° tours and videos for major clients. The most interesting example is our work with ADP, which you can read about in our case study. Our content creation division, Sugared Studios, is fully staffed to provide you with fast, affordable, and safe virtual video tour production services. 


Want to learn more about what virtual tours can do for your business?

Read our virtual campus tour brochure.


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