Meet Your Maker : An immersive look at the future of work.

The brief

ADP, leading provider of human resources software and services, made some major changes to their platform and wanted to publicize them in an exciting, engaging way.

The idea

Meet Your Maker’, an immersive 360° VR experience that showcased the new changes to the platform from a totally unique perspective—that of the software itself.

The execution

Using a specialized Nokia Ozo camera to capture full 360° video and audio, we took our audience on the journey of ADP software receiving an upgrade at the ADP Innovation Lab in New York.

In the video, the resident Development Team Leader guides the viewer on a physical journey through the lab, exploring all the new features and functionality included in this latest update. Our VR viewers see the new ADP interface and features overlaid in physical space, Minority Report-style, throughout the video.

The results

This VR video was turned into a VR experience at the ADP ReThink conference in Barcelona. Analysts and new ADP members equipped a VR headset and were immersed in the world of ADP.

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