Positioning photography as a catalyst for social change.

The brief.

ZEISS approached us with a challenge—as a well-established, multinational photography brand, they had to work extra hard to keep their brand fresh and relevant to ever-changing demographics. Could we create a campaign that connected with a younger, more diverse audience and established photography as a vehicle for progressive social change?

The idea.

Picture Love. Picture Love is a creative-driven campaign that captures expressions of real love between couples, with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ relationships. We gifted photography influencers a top-of-the-line ZEISS lens and gave them one instruction: capture love in all its forms.

The execution.

Our network of high-profile photography influencers shared dozens of photographs with their networks, tagging them with #ZEISSPictureLove. We built a bespoke online gallery to collate every photograph in the campaign.

To expand on our influencer-driven content, we also crafted our own photoshoot. Working with photographer Andrew French, we took a selection of intimate, captivating portraits of LGBTQ+ couples. We turned this into a poster campaign for the 2019 Pride Parades in New York and San Francisco.

The results.

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