Helping drive home a new brand language.

The brief.

Chubb Auto Insurance wanted to refresh the language they were using around their insurance offering. After conducting research with Maslansky + Partners, a communications consultancy, they learned that a lot of the terms they were using to describe their policies weren’t connecting with customers. Phrases like ‘Auto Technical Specialists’ and ‘agreed value’ were leaving customers unsure about the benefits of Chubb’s Auto Insurance Offering.

Instead, a more consumer-friendly language like ‘Collision Repair Experts’ and ‘Guaranteed Value’ did a better job of connecting with customers and communicating the benefits of choosing Chubb over another insurer.

The idea.

Create a dynamic, engaging video that captures these benefits in a consumer-friendly package. After considering our options, we realized that animation was both cost-effective and the right creative fit for the brief.

The execution.

Working in close collaboration with Chubb, we crafted a script and detailed storyboards that created a whole new look and feel for animation within the Chubb brand.

The results.

The video was a hit and has now been integrated as part of Chubb’s Shifting the Language campaign.

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