Building a one-of-a-kind interactive sales tool.

The brief.

GumGum is an AI company with a focus on computer vision. Their team had multiple big sales meetings coming up with executives in the automotive industry, and were struggling to achieve cut through—how do you explain your service offering when you have to . They needed an engaging sales tool that summarized GumGum’s service offering in an exciting new way.

The idea.

GumGum TurboTour. A retro-inspired racing arcade game that entertains players while letting them know what GumGum is all about.

The execution.

We built the Turbo Tour arcade game from scratch, as well as the physical driving rig that brought this experience to life. Players sit behind the wheel of the arcade cabinet, racing through a series of unique levels. Each level is themed around a specific GumGum marketing pillar, and educates throughout gameplay.

The driving rig was packed up and sent along to sales meetings, creating an unforgettable day at the office.

The results

Excited Players
Influenced Revenue

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