York & Chapel Partners with Aura Health and Safety

York & Chapel Partners with Aura Health and Safety

We’re excited to announce that York & Chapel is partnering with Aura Health and Safety to support their work in launching CORA, a new pandemic planning tool.


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Aura has been working with the entertainment industry for years now, helping companies like Sony, Netflix, and HBO, navigate the world of health and safety. This new tool represents a big step forward for helping companies get back to work. 

Helping companies adapt

The world of pandemic planning is a complex one, but CORA enables companies to easily and quickly create custom, risk-based plans for every part of their business, then share those plans with the right people. It follows the latest health and scientific advice on COVID-19, and it keeps users in the loop if industry regulations or public policies change.

York & Chapel is helping to bring this new tool to market. On the development side, we’re diligently working to ensure this tool is robust and ready for commercial use. We’re also supporting the marketing strategy.


A new way of working

The pandemic has changed the world forever, and we are all adapting to a new way of living, learning, and working. And with the right safety measures in place, we can get back to work in a way that minimizes risk to employees and the public. We’re proud to be a part of CORA that will help businesses get back to work safely.

We think this is a major step forward that will help the industry get back to work safely, which is something we all want.


To find out more about CORA, please contact nelson.ho@yorkandchapel.com.


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