ZEISS Webinar Series Captures Audiences Anywhere

ZEISS Webinar Series Captures Audiences Anywhere

Huda Khalid
Account Manager

ZEISS, the world leader in premium camera lens technology, wanted to increase their brand’s exposure to the next generation of creatives.

ZEISS knows that the first lens you pick up as a photographer will remain your first choice for the rest of your career. So our brief was to find a way to reach these young creatives at this critical time in their journey in photography.

During our initial discussions with ZEISS, we saw the potential in hosting live in-person events at select universities around the US where students could learn correctly from masters in the field. 


We call this concept ZEISS Developed.


YCBlog 2003 img ZeissDeveloped 1


Developed would feature live lessons from leaders in photography and cinematography, which we would bring to students at universities across the country.

However, with the current risks facing brands after COVID-19, we had to pivot. ZEISS still loved the format of a live learning event, but we had to rethink the delivery.


YCBlog 2003 img ZeissDeveloped 2


We reimagined Developed as a live webinar series. We kept the same engaging learning format, but shifted the project over to Digital. As a live webinar series, Developed will help ZEISS reach audiences at even greater scale—while still maintaining that energy and live interaction between students and presenters.

ZEISS Developed is launching Summer 2020, so watch this space.

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